Domaine du Colibri

Is an estate that produces and sells wine, olive oil, tapenades, organic honey, beers and Champagne.

Domaine du Colibri

Is an estate that produces and sells wine, olive oil, tapenades, organic honey, beers and Champagne.


Sale of regional products near Carpentras

Amateur of local products, come taste, smell and appreciate the quality of beers, Champagnes, honeys and tapenades of artisanal production and made from the harvest and olive groves of the Domaine du Colibri located near Carpentras in the Vaucluse.

Indeed, as creators of envy and well-eating, you invite you to taste our local handmade products; organic honey made on site, organic beer and well hopped, thirst-quenching Champagne and tapenade, Recipe of Provençal cuisine that accompanies your aperitifs.
Embark on a true wine and taste journey honoring Olivier Legranger’s passion and know-how.

Vente de produits régionaux près de Carpentras

Honey sale near Carpentras

Whether you are in Caromb, Carpentras or Monteux, Domaine du Colibri offers you the right to buy organic honey grown locally. Honey is produced by enthusiasts who put all their skills and know-how at your service to offer you the best product.

Beer sales around Carpentras

Thanks to our know-how in the manufacture of organic craft beers, we offer a unique taste experience through a wide range of tasty, light, invigorating and thirst-quenching craft beers.
Indeed, we manufacture artisanal organic beers with regional products, without dyes or preservatives.

Vente de produits régionaux près de Carpentras
Vente de produits régionaux près de Carpentras

Champagne sale near Carpentras

Domaine du Colibri offers authentic products from the best Champagne methods for the sale of Champagne. To this end, we put our expertise at your service and invite you to the Champagne tasting.

We offer the best of the production of raw, rosé or fruity Champagne and offer you a wide selection of bottles that will satisfy the most delicate palates.

Tapenade sale near Carpentras

A key element of Provençal cuisine and terroir, olive is a noble fruit of our region, many of which are variations thanks to its crunchy side that accepts spices such as cinnamon, lemongrass, verbena, badiane or vanilla.

Specialists in the manufacture of subtle tapenades of black and green olives with a few spices, we offer a product at the highest taste.

Vente de produits régionaux près de Carpentras

Sale of olive oil near Carpentras at the Domaine du Colibri

Located in Caromb near Carpentras in the Vaucluse, Domaine du Colibri offers a wide range of fresh and fine olive oils under various varieties to enhance your dishes. Under the sun of Provence, Domaine du Colibri produces a sweet and fine olive oil from olives with a fruity and spicy appearance with multiple varieties and at attractive prices.

We are committed to selling you a high quality olive oil filtered through minimal manipulation with subtle blends of olives and emulsions of Southern perfumes, thanks to the know-how of our mills. Our olive oils are obtained entirely in stainless steel machines in order to preserve the original taste of olives while bending to the French olive tradition.

Discover our selection of olive oil near Carpentras

Remember to book your bottles, there won’t be any for everyone! Our olives are harvested by our producers on the olive orchards of our Provençal terroir in the South and then they are crushed quickly at the mill to make you enjoy an original and exceptional olive oil with fruity aromas. If you live in Caromb or neighbouring regions such as Carpentras or Monteux, don’t hesitate to go to the Domaine du Colibri to get quality olive oil.

Vente d’huile d'olive près de Carpentras au Domaine du Colibri

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